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About us : Teachers Pet Rock Show UK 

Music is our passion

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Teachers Pet Rock Show UK

It's almost 19 years since jack black & the famous school of rock hit the big screens world wide!

Now in 2022, Stoke Musicians Form the one and only known Tribute to jack black & The School Of Rock world wide!

If you have seen the film 'School Of Rock' then 'Teachers Pet' are the tribute act for you to re-create with some of the well known catchy songs that the film features along with many more rock anthems!

Teachers Pet is fronted by Kieran Pestridge who is not only a sound alike to Jack Black but he is a dead ringer to the man himself also and he is accompanied by A full 8 piece youth band! Since forming in 2016 'Teachers Pet' have performed and wowed many an audience across the UK playing in music venues, clubs, hotels ,charity events and music festivals. Any fan of the film or general music lover will be left in awe of what 'Teachers Pet' have to offer. They have the whole set list down to a tee. They have the stage presence, the clothing and even the instruments to make their performance even more authentic.

As well as performing hits from the film such as 'Teacher's Pet' 'and 'its a long way to the top' they are also cover a wide range of face melting rock anthems from films such as "rock of ages" to! 

Past Events/Promo material.

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